This is not a child care centre!
Kindalin Early Childhood Learning Centres are amazing places.
It was clear from the outset that this organisation had passion and a vision. Many organisations talk about quality, but few live the ideals like Kindalin. Our first meeting we talked about education, not child care. Not rote skills taught in isolation, but a grand overview toward school readiness that serves every child it meets. A family run business with over 20 years of proud heritage, they were 10 years old and 4 locations when we started to work together. These days the founding husband and wife and their team manage 8 locations, tripling in size.
From their founding vision and core beliefs, to their excellent people, facilities and curriculum plan, Kindalin is a place where excellence happens every day. The brand story was about liberated fun and advenuture in learning. Instilled from day one, they fulfilled and refined their approach each year with new information, new families and children, their trusted position was secured in the local community.

After consulting with Delibrand, Kindalin began to build legacy. A new mark was designed and a tone was established. It became just as important what not to mention, as it did to announce their landing as a local pioneer and luxury option in early childhood education. Kindalin would always opt for substance. Cutesy frills and fancy extra things were culled so that the genuine passion and experience could shine forth. Kindalin was always a leader, it only needed the uniform.
The artwork was largely been inspired by the creativity of the children and their journey to school. We made much use of the painterly textures and messy imaginings of developing minds to inform our supporting artwork. The work was always allowed to develop freely, so many initiatives were born from our creative explorations. True to their brand ethos, Kindalin built momentum by allowing the same curious, exploratory spark encouraged in the children's curriculum to happen in their brand development process.

Over the course of our working relationship Kindalin has evolved into a mini-media company in its own right, communicating daily with over 1000 eager and engaged families via email, facebook and more recently sms. Delibrand has harnessed and customised technologies that have consolidated internal procedures and enhanced customer experience, bringing Kindalin home, onto the phone and beyond.
We identified Kindalin's uniqueness and codified it. We have strategised and absorbed government regulations and made them creative expressions of the brand, rather than a hindrance.. We have taken Kindalin's learnings over 20 years and built a model of content and delivery that reflects the companies true desire to make every family in their custom feel central to the process of educating their children. Delibrand's customised technology has enabled a greater scale of service, while simultaneously buttressing these digital exchanges with real-time live human support.