Something else for an artist.
Daniel has achieved recognition as a Master of photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He also runs a thriving photography school in Alexandria. When we looked to create his original identity in 2002 the man-date was to capture a little of his rustic - world worn style of photography.
During visual research we investigated imagery from Daniel's birth place; The Ukraine. From the surrounding regions, we turned up an old coin which, the 12th century aristocracy had awarded to artists who had achieved a level of state recognition in their professional pursuits. A seal of approval that ones work was of high calibre.
Recognising the abstract relevance, this image made it to the final rounds of our visual conversations.

One late night a rough and scratchy vector tracing was made of this historic icon. When the iconoclastic piece was shown to Daniel it was love at first sight. The background story made it final. In 2006 the mark became Daniel's first tattoo.
In 2010 a revision of the accompanying logotype was made with a major update of his portfolio.

Throughout several reincarnations, the dust and scratches look of the piece has resonated strongly with Daniel's photographic and personal style. While some may berate the absolute abstract nature of the ident - this has only served to reinforce the artists un-commercial practise.