The Harvested campaign
It was a privilege to be the creative lead for all digital aspects of this project. Working with such an impressive agency like BMF, who truly place ideas and artists on a pedestal - was a formative experience for me in my early career.
When I began work on this campaign the now-famous television spot had been written and was only a week out from shooting. I had this time to develop a page of bullet points into a site plan with media, design and mechanical production aspects planned for the big shoot.
During the week of filming on-site at a farm near Windsor I had 3 days with my own team, working around the TVC shoot with a photographer, videographer and a blue-screen, we captured assets for the site's games and interactive sequences.
Over the next 6 weeks I worked furiously with the traditional media art-directors to design the typographic elements, look and feel and sound of this brand campaign - then carried it through production to a launched campaign site, POS and display ad units.